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Lavender Oil for relaxation and its benefits

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is most commonly known for its relaxing effects on the body. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing both physically and emotionally. The use of lavender oil with massage therapy can ease pain, promote better sleep, and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

As a relaxing treat for you, I am happy to use my lavender oil-infused massage gel upon request, at no additional charge. I use a 100% natural and 100% pure lavender oil along with my organic massage gel. It is just delightful!

Many studies have shown that the use of lavender oil can have tremendous healing abilities, such as those listed in this abstract.

Besides its benefits for relaxation, lavender oil has many other amazing healing properties:

  • Improving hair health and potentially helping to prevent hair loss

  • Relieving pain, such as muscle and joint pain

  • Reducing stomach pain and improving digestion (when applied topically to the stomach area)

  • Soothing respiratory ailments, including coughs and sore throats (when inhaled by steam inhalation or used on the skin around the chest and throat)

  • Alleviating headache pain (when applied to temples and pressure points)

  • Reducing hypertension and improving circulation of the blood

  • Healing chapped, cracked lips (apply mixed with a base oil such as organic coconut oil)

  • Healing minor burns, cuts, scrapes and wounds

  • Soothing the itch of insect bites (along with helping to keep insects away)

  • Stimulating the body’s production of urine

  • Relieving stress

  • Improving symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Improving mood

  • Increasing focus and mental clarity

  • Promoting restful, quality sleep

  • Potentially benefitting people diagnosed with diabetes

  • Enhancing meditation (when either applied to pressure points, all over the skin, and/or used for aromatherapy in an essential oil diffuser)

  • Freshening stale indoor air (when used in an essential oil diffuser)

  • Ridding yourself of body odor (combine with coconut oil and baking soda for a great natural deodorant)

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