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In good hands with Ali Kirby

To the wonderful clients I have had the great joy of working with over the past year and a half, I am handing over my business to my friend and talented licensed massage therapist, Ali Kirby.

I began West Austin Massage in February of 2017 as a way to deliver relaxation to people's doorstep, providing massage therapy in the comfort of your own home, hotel or office. The business grew organically and beautifully, and I have enjoyed the journey and process. I gave it my all, invested my heart and energy into creating an image and identity that clients would feel warm, cared for, and of course, relaxed with. I love West Austin Massage and am so excited to see how Ali will continue to grow the business and let it blossom into whatever it may become.

Ali and I went to the same massage school here in Austin, TX. A couple months ago at Radio Coffee, we sat down to talk about her joining West Austin Massage. Little did she know at the time, my husband and I were already thinking of moving out of state and I was contemplating selling my business. As she got talking about her background and story of how she wanted to start her own business, I had an overwhelming feeling that this is the person who I want to not only fill my shoes, but also create a new path for herself and new clients she will meet in the future. I offered her the opportunity to take over West Austin Massage and she tearfully accepted it! Of course I cried too, as I had deeply grown to love my business and all of the amazing clients I have worked with. I felt that giving the gift of ownership and working for yourself was too amazing to just throw away!

I feel confident that you will be in good hands with Ali. Her massage style is unique and very therapeutic. Her ability to use a wide range of pressures, techniques and intentions will surely help to bring relaxation to your body and mind.

Ali Kirby introduction

Listen and watch a short introduction video of Ali to hear more about her massage technique.

As for me, I will be moving back to North Carolina, where I will get to spend time with family whom I have not seen in a good while, and will focus on my artwork as a pet portraitist and fine artist. I am certain I will eventually provide body work again, since I truly love to help people reduce their pain and ease their tension through massage.

Amy's Creative Corner

After some time in North Carolina, my husband and I plan to move back West, perhaps Santa Fe, New Mexico, where our dream is to build rammed earth homes and create a small community of like-minded individuals. I invite you to keep up with our happenings on my Instagram.

It has been a true blessing to operate my own business, meet all of you wonderful people and live in such a beautiful city as Austin. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me into your home, into your life, and into your wellness and healing journey. May it continue to grow and flourish with Ali Kirby of West Austin Massage.

Thank you Kindly,

Amy Yeager Jorge

Signing off and handing it over...

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