Swedish Massage

Calm your body and mind with a combination of techniques that suits your personal needs to combat muscle tension. This is typically a full body treatment, undressed to your level of comfort, with professional draping. The use of long strokes, kneading, superficial strokes and addressing specific pain areas are typical in Swedish massage. I combine myofascial release and shiatsu techniques as needed.  Light, medium, and deep pressures can be used, based on your specific needs and desires.


Deep Tissue

Deeper tissue and pressure can be used to break up adhesions and reduce acute and chronic pain patterns.  During a Deep Tissue session, a blend of myofascial release, ART, stretch therapy, trigger point therapy, sports massage, structural alignment, and pain management therapy will be used based on your individual needs and goals.

$100 for 60 minutes

$150 for 90 minutes

$200 for 2 hours

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Swedish and Deep Tissue

Stubborn tension trapped in your muscles? Add dynamic cupping to your massage! Feel the instant relief as the cups glide over your skin, using “negative pressure” to loosen fascial adhesions, unstick layers of connective tissue creating restrictions in your comfort or movement, increase blood flow and flush excess fluids through the lymphatic system. Feel yourself melt into the table while the cups effortlessly draw the stress out of your muscles.

$25/15 minutes 

$50/30 minutes

(added onto a minimum of 60 minute session)

Gua Sha is a traditional chinese therapy used to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and provide relief from muscle and joint pain. Using a smooth-edged tool, i’ll be scraping your skin to flush toxins and excess fluid from the muscle tissue with this surprisingly soothing technique. Gua Sha can be especially helpful for those that suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia or chronic migraines and tension headaches.

$25/15 minutes 

$50/30 minutes

(added onto a minimum of 60 minute session)

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Dynamic Cupping
Add on Services:
Gua Sha

Small groups can enjoy massage therapy as a way to relax and enjoy the day's festivities.

Customizable options, such as use of the table or chair, clients dressed or undressed with professional draping, etc.

Bridal Showers, Ladies Brunch, Baby Showers, Wedding parties, Guy's Weekend, Birthdays, etc.  

Maximum time is 4 hours. For example, 4 different people could receive a 30 minute full body massage. ($50/30min.) or a minimum of 3 different 45 minute massages ($60/45min.).

 I can always bring more therapists for larger parties, just feel free to ask me how we can make your event even more special!

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Small Groups