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Benefits of In-Home massage therapy

There is a general understanding that massage therapy can help relieve stress, but have you thought about the benefits of In-Home massage for stress relief?

Here are some reasons why a session at your home can deliver even more of the great benefits of massage therapy:

1. No driving after your massage

Austin traffic is the best, said no one ever. Instead, I arrive at your home with all the equipment needed for a restful, rejuvenating, and therapeutic massage session. All you need to do is clear a small space for my table and we're ready. No one likes to drive around being "Massage Drunk."

2. No new stimulus

Walking into a spa, for example, may be stressful to some. Being greeted with a form to fill out in a room that feels like a doctor's office isn't the most relaxing feeling; and being asked if you want to buy products or buy memberships can be stressful, too. The decor, smells, sounds and energy of other places can add a stressful stimulus to your already over-stimulated brain and's time to relax.

3. Your pets can be with you

This has been a personal treat for me as a mobile massage therapist given that I love animals. You can feel even more relaxed and calm when we have your furry friends right next to you. I have no problem with your dog or cat being near you or on the table during your session if it helps you calm your nervous system and bring more joy to your massage. West Austin Massage is Pet Friendly!

4. You can make it your own personal spa

You can create your own massage-time rituals. Enjoy an epsom salt bath before or after your appointment, burn incense or run your essential oils humidifier. Whatever you'd like to add to your own session to make it exactly how you want it is encouraged. I do bring music, but if you have your own preference, that works too.

5. You receive the hands-on time that you paid for