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Invest in your wellness with loyalty punch cards

I truly believe that massage therapy can be enjoyed throughout the year for helping to maintain wellness. I also believe that people don't need to burn holes in their wallets to enjoy the benefits of massage. With that said, I would like to share the Punch Card system from West Austin Massage with you!

With several existing clients already enjoying the benefits of their punch cards, it has been wonderful to see how their savings and investing in their health can be for them! They love seeing me literally take my hole puncher and punch out the little circle on their card. It's so fun!

One client enjoyed all 6 of his punches for himself, and gave his free 7th massage to a friend of his. I am totally fine with you offering your freebee to someone else in the Austin area. (Just let me know their general location before hand to make sure they are within range.)

Let's get your loyalty punch card started today!

Text or call to book your appointment: 512-734-8050

or email:

In home, mobile massage therapist, serving Austin, TX

Thanks kindly,

Amy Jorge

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